18 And Jonathan said to David: Tomorrow is the feast of the new moon. You`ll be missing because your seat will be empty. 19 The day after tomorrow, around the afternoon, go to the place where you hid, when this anger began, and wait on the stone of Ezel. 20 I`m going to shoot three arrows (X) to the side, as if I were shooting at a target. 21 I will send a boy, and I say, “Go, find the arrows.” When I say to him: Behold, the arrows are on this side of you; bring them here, and then come, for, as sure as the Lord is alive, you are safe; There is no danger. 22 But if I say to man, behold, the arrows are beyond you, then you will go, because the Lord has sent you back. 23 And on the matter you and I have spoken of, remember, the Lord is a witness between you and me forever. In response to the argument that homoerotics has been cut, some traditionalists who sign the documentary hypothesis acknowledge the importance of the lack of censorship of contentious descriptions, despite levitic injunctions against senseless homoerotic contacts. Gagnon notes: “The narrator`s willingness to talk about David`s energetic heterosexual life (comparing the relationship with Bathsheba) brings his total silence on any sexual activity between David and Jonathan in a light lightness.” [13] A platonic interpretation of the relationship between David and Jonathan was the mainstream view found in biblical exegesis, as directed by Christian writers. This argues that the relationship between the two, although strong and close, is ultimately a platonic friendship. The alliance that is made is political and not erotic; While all intimacy is a case of male attachment and homosociality.

The biblical text does not explicitly represent the nature of the relationship between David and Jonathan. The traditional and mainstream religious interpretation of the relationship was a platonic love and an example of homosociality. Some later medieval and renaissance literatures relied on history to emphasize strong personal friendships between men. There was a deep emotional connection between them, which David left sadly after Jonathan`s death. But not only were they emotionally connected to each other, but they also expressed their love physically. Jonathan took off his clothes and donned David in his own dress and armor. With the opening of the Eastern world, which unmasks the reserve of Western culture, they embraced and wept openly with each other. The fact that they were both married did not prevent them from showing love for each other. This intimate relationship was sealed before God.

It was not only a spiritual bond, it was an alliance for “Jonathan made an alliance with David because he loved him like his soul” (1 Samuel 18:3). Here is the Bible that gives the testimony of love between two people of the same sex.