From this dialogue, we can conclude that Ratna……… A. Disagreement B. Anger C. Danger D. ILL The underlined expression expresses …. A. Sympathy B. Possibility C. Disagreement D. Uncertainty Beautiful meaning: Hi Hanna! I would like to talk to you hanna: Hi, that`s good.

What`s the matter? Did you know it`s Julian`s birthday tomorrow? I`m going to give him a new pair of shoes. How do you feel about that? Hanna: Oh, really? I just found out about his birthday! It`s a good idea, but I see he already has a lot of shoes. What if you buy him a new watch? I see him wearing the same watch every beautiful day: Oh yes, it`s a very good idea! Thank you, Hanna Hanna: Right now – Right now, Indah Santi: Hey, you have a proposal, what do I need to do to improve my ability to speak Japanese? (Hey, do you have any suggestions on what I should do to improve my ability to speak Japanese?) 2 examples dialaog Agrree Disagree Played by 3 people This is an example of dialogue agreement and disagreement 3 people who are made to accomplish the task of English entertainment, especially for those who study in high school and high school. In the dialogue agreement and disagreement, 3 people are cited as examples of agreement discussions that express their agreement and disagree. All the points of convergence and disagreements expressed are printed in blue below here is the example of a very short dialogue that consists of consensus and disagreements in the dialogue: from dialogue, we can assume that … A. Diana voted with Maya B. Diana disagreeing with Maya C. Diana has no idea what Maya said D. Diana can not accept that these words of agreement and disagreement are for the short English interview are: A: The government plans to move our capital to Borneo. What do you think? (The government plans to move our capital to Kalimantan.

Do you have any idea? 4 examples of dialogue disagreement expression – disagreements have an arithmetic of disagreement. The compliant opinion is to disapprove of a case.