EXKLUSION: NOT hazardous waste, industrial waste, chemicals, oil filters, herbicides – pesticides, radioactive materials, solvents, paints (excluding fully dried, non-liquid latex paint boxes), other flammable liquids, aerosols, propane tanks, motor oil, transmission/luminage oil/hydraulic oil/filter, contaminated oils (mixed with solvents, gasoline, etc.), antifreeze agents, frost protection devices, oil varnish on the ground, lead varnish, tires, tv Microwaves, fluorescent tubes, railway connections, medical waste, asbestos, animals, drums, all liquids, flammable, toxic and/or dangerous substances, dilunts, varnishes, batteries, infectious waste, contaminated soils, fuels, car batteries, food waste, glues or industrial drums, or “special” waste, as we cannot accept refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners. All these items found in the container must be removed, or we have the right to load the load on the site. When such items are hidden in the trash can and THE COMPANY is billed to the landfill, the customer agrees to pay actual fees and fines. CUSTOMER is responsible for the content of the container during the rental period and for all costs related to limited content. CHANGE OF SERVICE. Parties may change the nature, size or quantity of the equipment, the nature or frequency of the service and, as a result, the parties` agreement rates that can be proven orally, in writing, electronically or by the parties` actions and practices. This agreement applies to any change in the customer`s location in the territory where the company provides its services. The client expressly waives his right to use third-party waste or waste management brokers to manage all aspects of the client`s waste treatment and recycling services for the duration of the agreement. The entity may replace similar but equivalent services and/or containers, at no additional cost to the customer, at the full discretion of the company. Use the Dumpster Rental Contract mobile app with a smartphone or tablet to sign up for a dumpster lease from anywhere in the field.

CUSTOMER RESPONSIBILITY. ENTREPRISE is not liable for claims related to damage to the roadway or the entrance of CUSTOMER resulting from the bearing container or the truck of the company that serves the container. If the customer requests the placement of containers on a grass or dirt surface, LA COMPANY is not responsible for the damage caused to these surfaces by trucks or containers. The customer must guarantee a minimum distance of 15 inches for all power lines, telephone, cable and other lines. THE CLIENT frees, defends and shadows the company from all claims, property damage resulting from the use, operation or possession of the container. THE ENTREPRISE is not responsible to the CLIENT for non-performance of services due to events beyond its control, including, but not only, strikes, riots, fires, floods and acts of the state, changes in the law, weather, traffic or the acts of God. The customer is responsible for all necessary authorizations and agrees to pay fines or fees related to obtaining authorizations or moving the trash can if no authorization has been obtained and required. Moving costs are $75.00. If the driver thinks the placement will cause property damage, containers or vehicles: the driver may refuse to place the container and propose a more appropriate location.