Whatever the reasons for this change, it is important for you and your child`s other parents to try to communicate with each other and develop an agreement acceptable to both parties before starting a procedure to change custody. You can also benefit from mediation or arbitration that may be less adversarial and longer than the standard process. If you want more information or if you have questions about changing custody, you should definitely speak to a qualified lawyer in your state. In comparison, a parent can only apply for a change in the child care order if the family situation has changed significantly since the original decision entered. A significant change is generally defined as an important life event, for example. B, a parent who has to move for a new job or a parent remarrying. Significant changes in family circumstances include drug or alcohol abuse by one of the parents, parental abuse or parental criminal activity. Therefore, when considering an application to amend a custody decision, the Tribunal also considers whether the best interests of the child require a change in custody. Under the original custody decision, legal and physical custody of children may be changed if circumstances have changed significantly, which has significantly affected the well-being of children, and this change has occurred since the introduction of the original custody decision. Getting a change is usually a matter of filing a petition for the change of custody in the right court, but jurisdiction in custody cases can be very complicated, especially if both parents have been moved since the original order was filed. The fact that a previous child custody decision is not in the best interests of the children, that it is an error or has been obtained unfairly, or that another such issue is irrelevant in a custody change in the State of Georgia.

The same is true where the previous court order was clearly not in the best interests of the children at the time of publication. All that matters is that there is an earlier court order, that the previous court order granted custody of the children and that the order was not challenged. As soon as this decision becomes final, any future case of child custody will be a case of changes in child care. To be able to impose yourself in a child custody case, you must prove, on the basis of events that occurred after the date of the child`s prior custody, that there has been a significant change in the circumstances affecting the welfare of the children. For the most part, everyone will make a legal reason. If you can articulate it, and if you can prove it with facts that have occurred since the date of the last custodial warrant, you have a case. To change only the visit plan, file of the Change of the Georgia Visit Package. If your current child care system no longer works for you, you may need to apply to court for a change in custody. However, it is not always easy to change a court-ordered or agreed custody regime for you and your child`s other parent. In general, it is more difficult to change an existing custody regime than to create a new one.

They must be able to prove to the court that circumstances “change significantly” in order for the court to consider an amendment to the current custody regime. Below is more information on changing child care and a number of reasons why you should consider changing child care. When it comes specifically to a parent`s plan to change residence, a court in Georgia will always hear an application to change custody of the child. Under current legislation, the court would generally allow the relocation of a parent with a child unless the other parent could prove that the move would harm the child. Under current Georgian law, a parent`s move is always a reason