We can establish a delivery plan with or without reference to an order request or framework contract, a quote request or even another delivery plan. Forecasts and JIT are two types of appointment leave. They can establish a delivery plan in relation to the centrally agreed contract, which is advantageous for price negotiations, as purchases are made in large quantities. These conditions, which are mentioned in the agreement, should not change. Enter your creditor and the type of contract. Click Reference on the PReq button. Here, we establish a public relations schedule. Press Entry. SAP supply contract is a long-term agreement with a supplier for the delivery of the equipment under pre-defined conditions valid for a specified period for a specified quantity. then GR is executed for the expected quantity with respect to the delivery plan An RV-Outline Agreement Requisition order request can be created manually with external work positions (item category – delivery L) by an applicant. The order requirement can be converted into a delivery plan.

The delivery plan is subject to approval on the basis of pre-defined parameters before generating a delivery plan or schedules (manual or implementation) and transmitting them to the subcontractor. Delivery is established and goods are ordered and delivered to the subcontractor. With the delivery of the finished equipment, the receipt of the goods is established. The billing process is then triggered. Then, according to the schedule, the components are issued to lenders in the MB1A transaction with 541 modes of movement There are two types of supporting parts for delivery plans: The total amount to be delivered can be divided into partial quantities with individual delivery date. Delivery planning stations can be generated with or unrelated to the order requirement or by layout. First create the delivery plan in ME31L for a creditor with hardware, quantity, validity and item category as a net L-order price and info-update status like A to update with or without a factory. Then tap Entry and save your record. I have concluded an appointment in which the article that I will call subcontracting (c-ategory-20 L) and, in the strain of the material, I define the type of specific supply: