An architect will assist in the purchase of the building as planned and, if necessary, in the management of a construction contract. The architect will provide the necessary information on which the project could be tendered for construction and will, when the time comes, supplement the necessary information for the construction on site. This often includes tracking design work by specialized subcontractors and suppliers. He will explain the extent to which they will monitor the work on the ground. For small projects, some architects will provide a construction management service, which means that they manage and coordinate the work of each supplier of expertise needed to carry out the field work, rather than assisting in the acquisition of the project by a general contractor. While all architects are responsible for normal service, some develop specializations, for example for historic and listed buildings, or for urban planning and urban planning. Architects will also have developed specific experiences and skills that lead to a certain degree of specialization. A practice may focus on projects within a certain price range, a particular sector (retail, health care, housework, etc.) or be limited to working in a particular sector. The reference to the ACA list will help clarify the services and specializations offered by a single practice. Be honest with your architect if you are not satisfied with the way things are progressing with your project. In the first case, take the time to discuss your concerns or concerns directly with him or her. Architects are interested in providing the best possible service, and the problem you see may be solved through discussion or negotiation. Architects are trained to reconcile complex interaction problems in order to obtain the best possible solutions that allow for higher limitations.

In the design work, they take into account functionality, practicality, durability, aesthetics, costs and legal constraints in the design work, while keeping in mind the complete orientation of the customer`s mission with great design, prudence and excellent service.