As mentioned above, this is not true. It`s just a test of your ability to make payments. Once you have successfully completed this trial period, they create and offer you a permanent credit change. You must be able to sell your home within four months of your permission. This period may be extended by an additional two months if you have a signed purchase and sale contract or if your lender is authorized under certain program rules. The proceeds of the sale must pay all the newer duties for the FHA mortgage. The FHA will provide you with an incentive payment of up to $3,000 if you close the short sale. – The trial payment plan will not indicate whether balloon or lump sum payments are due over the life of the loan. A. Yes. The trial payment plan states that you must make the payment in accordance with the trial payment plan until the permanent change. Defaults can cause problems with this process, which is why it`s so important to strictly follow your trial payment plan. As a general rule, you have a permanent change before the beginning of the 4th month.

The FHA announced changes to the HAMP program this summer, and in FHA Mortgagee Letter 2016-14, it explains how the trial payment period works, starting with a definition of this period: “Prevent certification: you want to ensure that your representative will keep mediation open throughout the testing period, but the lender will encourage its lawyers to certify the mediation that will be issued to the borrower. Mediation gives you a way to confirm that payments have been received and help to verify the final terms if there are any questions. After and after only, the borrower received a definitive change that was countersigned, is in order for the representative to certify mediation. What information is in the trial payment plan? Has. Trial periods usually start on the 1st or 15th of the month and usually last 3 months. It`s not true. You should be fully responsible for keeping your account active and up-to-date, including throughout and after the trial payment period.