Fake Richard. If you scroll down the dashboard, the Quicklinks field has been found down. You may have clicked on it in the past to remove the Quicklinks widget. I had completely forgotten this feature and I just used it to request a transfer from Max Employment. They are so sht, send me so many appointments without consultation, what they are for or otherhow just several dates for the same day. It`s harassment. I would like Centrelink to stop sending my supplier back to them. They were 5 years ago, when I was forced to go to them, and they are still sht now! With Sarina Russo, Watergardens, and they treated me like. For the meagre and meagre newstart allowance that I have to survive, I just suspended my payment (28/11) from a very vindictive guidance counselor of Sarina Russo, after arguing with her that working for the Dole without pay was not my notion of real employment. I had a heart attack (two stents) a few months ago, and I`ll be 65 in three weeks – and not quite like Hercules… and yet…..

this advisor Sarino Russo that I had, I calculate that I am the perfectly employable collaborator … I can only receive the pension in July 2019….. an increase of six months. Because I protested violently, the security forces and the police were called to throw me out of the compound. And when I got home, a text message was sent by Sarina Russo….. tell me that my payment would therefore be suspended…… What is a quick punishment? But I managed to convince a director of Sarina Russus to unsubscribe me from his book… And I`ve been going back to my old supplier ever since. The fact is that if you are a pensioner type, you are nothing….. and Sarina Russo …. You are an of an employment agency….

A contract transfer can also be filed in the department`s computer systems via the “transfer by appointment” form, available on the supplier portal and on the ministry`s public website: should we ask our current supplier to sign the form? I have personal problems with my turquant and I`m not really comfortable approaching them. I haven`t been happy with her for a while. But recently, she offered me a job that I wasn`t comfortable with without telling me before. I`m scared and so I told him that I couldn`t work in certain situations, and that this job didn`t suit me and that his reaction was totally inappropriate. She told me that she could not accept this as an answer and basically insinuated that I was improving it or exaggerating to get out of it. I had a meeting with her a few days later and I expected them to ask at least if I felt better, or even offer some help to me, but they don`t even recognize what happened.