Please note that ships must have a valid USCG COFR (Certificate of Financial Responsibility) to complete the WSMC schedule for online vessel information on WSMC. Paper copies can be faxed to 206-443-3839 or e-mailed to: or Past agreements can be faxed to 604-681-4364 or e-mailed: In August 2008, WSMC revised its vessel registration agreement and added a new language in which vessel owners/operators who enter into a contract directly with the Marine Spill Response Corporation (MSRC) designate WSMC as their “Authorized Representative” for immediate access to MSRC response resources in the event of a spill incident. ECM Maritime Services employees contacted the Executive Director of WSMC to clarify this new “requirement.” After discussing this issue with WSMC, ECM indicates that owners/operators are not required to follow this new designation process or to submit the MSRC certificate covered in the registration agreement. WSMC did not request a similar letter of designation from NRC, as WSMC has already entered into a contract with NRC to provide response resources as part of the Emergency Response Framework Plan. In the event of an oil spill, your IQ should have full and immediate access to contractual response resources agreed upon by MSRC, NRC and other OSRO. In addition, Members should keep in mind that, regardless of the use of the NRC Covered Vessels Washington State Contingency Plan or the WSMC registration agreement, it will still be necessary to register with the Rescue Ship Emergency Response (ERTV) for the services of the tug stationed at Neah Bay before entering Washington State waters, with the exception of the Columbia River. By signing a ERTV registration agreement, the owner ensures that the ERTV is on standby every time one of its vessels calls at a port in Washington State (with the exception of the Columbia River). The Washington State Law requires that this tug be on standby while visiting a ship.

By signing the deposit contract, the owner agrees to sign a contract with the tug`s owners if the services of a tug are required during a visit. Members should bear in mind that the contractual terms are not in accordance with the IG guidelines on ship response plans and that additional assurances may be required for vessel calls in Washington State waters, with the exception of the Columbia River. If you would like more information, please contact your club. WSMC provides ships with the necessary contingency plan and spill response coverage for state waters within 3 miles of the Grays Harbor coast along the outer coast in Puget Sound. The inclusion in this plan means that the ship`s crew and owner/operator are legally required to follow roof plan procedures for an oil spill or a significant oil spill risk. Upon registration, a copy of the WSMC field document is made available to the vessel and must be kept on board the vessel. The WSMC field document contains specific notification procedures that must be followed in the event of a spill or spill risk. WSMC`s 24-hour telephone number is: 1.206.448.7557. For more information, please contact your agent or visit WSMC`s WEBSITE at: ECM advises owners/operators not to provide WSMC with the MSRC certificate.

Since many agents are authorized to register vessels with WSMC, ECM also recommends that the officer identify NRC and MSRC as OSROs (if any), but it is not permissible to transmit an MSRC certificate that WSMC designates as their authorized representative to allocate MSRC resources on behalf of the owners. However, it is necessary to continue to indicate the corresponding headings of Part 1 of the registration agreement indicating that the OSRO (MSRC and/or NRC) agreed in the contract is indicated. ECM Maritime Services sent a letter to WSMC urging them to include the authorized representative appointment procedure and the MSRC certificate in the registration agreement.